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Engineering Consulting
The target reached of  EPC includes expected recovery rate reached, design capacity for clients reached, the quality of product reached, consumption indicators meeting requirement, effective controlling of production cost and the stable operation of process and equipment.
I The key of target reached --- recovery rate
Target reached is the basis of investment estimate and economic benefit forecast in “feasibility study report”, and it directly relates to the benefit of clients
Whether the recovery rate guarantees is the key of target reached. When the recovery rate could not reach expectation values, it would causes huge losses for dressing plant, especially for precious metals
The reasons that the recovery rate could not reach expectation rate include: change of ore properties, grinding fineness, concentration, reagents performance and dosage, floatation time, mud content, mechanical performance, etc. Any problem above would possibly affect recovery rate, so when the recovery rate is not expectable, no company would take responsibility of the problems because there are so many companies in the dressing plant construction.
 EPC service guarantees the recovery rate reaches the expectation value, and solves all the problems above, which makes the dressing plant start soon XKJ
 The filter cake after filter pressing   EPC takes successful commission of filter press for Sudan gold mine  Tailings of Sudan gold with  EPC service  Gold of Mongolia with  EPC service   Exchange contract after finishing EPC service 
II After-sale Service
After the contract finished,  would regularly visit customer to provide after-sale technical support and to solve problems of dressing plant. For equipment of dressing plant,  could provide one-year warranty.
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