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Engineering Consulting
I Purpose of Engineering Consulting
Engineering consulting makes clients have a comprehensive understanding of the value of mine, the useful elements, available mineral processing technology, plant size, required equipment and period.

Henan Xingyang Mining Machinery Manufactory

II Contents of Engineering Consulting
XKJ Technology Support Department is responsible for engineering consulting. When a client needs engineering consulting, firstly, XKJ Research Institute will arrange an expert with rich dressing experienced to make sure the ore preparability according to the analysis of mineral elements (XKJ also makes this analysis). The basis of experts relying on in the mineral elements analysis mainly includes: elements content (number, type), elements distribution, recovery rate of useful elements etc.
Henan Xingyang Mining Machinery Manufactory
After making sure the ore preparability, Technology Support Department would contact with mineral dressing construction departments including geology, mining, ore dressing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electric power to get a brief quotation.
XKJ mine consulting provides services according to the need of clients. The information clients providing is more detailed, the information of mines consulting is more detailed and accurate. The main contents of mines consulting include mining, mineral processing, external conditions, investment estimation and analysis of economic benefit.
The engineering consulting illustrates all the problems in the construction of dressing plant according to the limited information provided by the clients, so the experience of expert is a key. Only an expert with rich experience could provide detailed engineering consulting for the clients, which allows clients to have general understanding to their own mines and the value of dressing plant.
III Results of Engineering Consulting
At last, engineering consult takes on economic benefits analysis for the customers including the cost analysis and profit estimate. Economic benefit analysis is a comprehensive quotation by XKJ Technology Support Department connecting various departments (Civil Engineering Department, Processing Department, Mining Department, Electric Power Department, etc.). Mine costs include mining, transportation, mining beneficiation, financial management cost. Profit estimate includes ore grade, product, price, annual output, total income, total cost, profit before tax, comprehensive estimation (time of recovering the investment).
Economic benefit analysis will allow clients to have a rough understanding about the investment and earnings of mine, and guide future investment.


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